Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Slowly but Surely

We're back! This week was slow, but we made some serious progression none the less! The area hasn't exploded with missionary work yet like I thought it would, but its well on its way!

July 18th
P-day was pretty lame to be honest. They always are in Dalkeith, transportation in this area is the bane of my life!! By the time we are finished with everything we have to get done we are about out of time... I'm putting in extra effort to have an adventure today though! After P-day jazz we had another lesson with Josie and Jonathan. We taught them the word of wisdom and it went really well! Jonathan is so super determined to quit drinking and I know he will do it! Josie is going to struggle a bit more with smoking though... We are starting a quit smoking program with her today, so we'll see how that goes!

July 19th
Tuesday was absolutely wild! First we had an amazing District meeting in Dalkeith, and the Zone Leaders joined us (Who are both some of my best friends from way back in the MTC!) The spirit was really strong as we went over getting investigators to church, and setting goals to baptize like mad in August! After DM were exchanges with the ZL's in Edinburgh. I went with Elder Tullis… What a lad!! We talked to people on the streets all day long... It was amazing though, nice, sunny, and warm for once! Everyone was out and about! It was so funny to watch everyone going wild over the sunshine! Everyone and their cats were at the park lighting up their little BBQ's and listening to music! I felt like I was in Cali! It was also good fun to get to talk to so many open minded University students instead of grumpy old farts!

July 20th
I woke up in Edinburgh this morning to the first clap of thunder I've heard in over a year! It was a tender mercy because I've been pretty trunky for some good thunder and lightning! I saw no more than a couple flashes of light, but I was still jumping up and down with excitement! When Elder Crockett and I arrived back in Dalkeith we did a fair share of chapping, and then had an amazing night! A less active that has come to church the past couple weeks had us over for dinner. This man is a complete champion! His life story and conversion story are amazing! His wife is practically Anti Mormon and was glaring at us the hold time, but he doesn't even care anymore! He is as solid as can be! He said "I'm back and I'm staying till the day I die" What a boss. After Dinner we went to the Addiction Recover Program at the church. I managed to convince Josie and Jonathan to come. I walk into them talking about baptism and bearing testimony about how much the church has already changed their life!! It was incredible! After the meeting I showed them the Baptismal font. Jonathans’ face just lit up! It was a beautiful moment!

July 21st
Today was just more finding for the most part. The main highlight of the day was when I had dinner with one of my old missionary friends, Elder Tarbet and his family! It was so good to see him again! I can't believe he's an RM now. Elder Tarbet was in my first District, and trained my buddy from the MTC (Elder Tullis)

July 22nd
Friday we taught Josie and Jonathan the Ten Commandments, Jonathan also made us cookies! Later on we chapped this ridiculous atheist lady, I mean any atheist is ridiculous but this one really blew a fuse! I eventually just had to ignore her, and walked off and pretend I couldn't see her glaring at us through her window, and we chapped the rest of the street. Our day got better when we taught this super old lady named Dorothy for the first time. She attends like four different churches and loves to learn, she was so excited and happy that we came!

July 23rd
Today consisted of three things. First was 3 hours of finding, second was an amazing meal with my favorite mission mum Anne, and third was studying for District meeting on Tuesday.

July 24th
Sunday, Church was good stuff as always. However, Josie and Jonathan got sick and weren't able to make it.... that was sad. Something exciting was when this classic Utah Mormon family came waltzing through the doors. They were just down to visit, It was so weird to hear the Utah accent again! I loved it!! That was a tender mercy too seeing as I couldn't stop thinking about Pioneer days and fireworks! After church we tried by this recent convert who is going through the hard time. I bore some crazy strong testimony and the tears began to flow... She's knows the Gospel is true and can bring the peace and healing again. She'll be alright :)

 It was a pretty grand week, but this one is going to be even better! Its already off to an amazing start too as it’s my Mum’s Birthday! Dang, I've got a cool Mum.... She's my number one and I could I wouldn't be here today without her in life and on my mission.... Thank you for raising me right and being my most gentle loving mum a kid could ever have. You are incredible and I thank God for you every, single, day. I love you Mum!
~ Elder Brycen Cluster

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